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Larry Calloway, a Bus Driver at Georgetown University, has been singing for more than 50 years. After hearing Larry sing on the bus, students came together to help him achieve a lifelong dream that he thought would be impossible to achieve.

Watch as Larry sings one of his favorite songs in front of hundreds of people at Georgetown’s spring concert! SHARE this video to help his voice reach thousands!!

#StandByLarry #UnsungHeroes

Unsung Hero #37 – Larry Calloway, Bus Driver at Georgetown University Transportation System

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“This past February, I had a checkup and the doctors told me that they found a polyp in my colon which was cancerous. I’ve always had concerns about my colon for about 10 years but I never really paid too much attention to it. When the doctors broke the news, I couldn’t believe it. I said wow…CANCER?? Thank God that they were able to remove it. I feel like the God was with me that night. I call myself a cancer survivor. This is what Im going through now, brother. This is my greatest challenge right now. I have to go back every 3 months to see the doctor to make sure it isn’t spreading anywhere else.
All my life, people have known me as that man who sings. Wherever there is an audience – I will sing. It’s the one thing that gives me joy. I’ve been singing since I was 5 years old! Even when I’m driving the bus, I’ve had people come to me and say ‘you made my day!’ And that it just put a smile on their face. One student said to me, ‘it was my birthday today but I didn’t feel like it was until I heard your song.’ And then she reached into her pocket and gave me a piece of candy. She said, ‘I want to give you this because your singing has touched me.’ I promised the Lord that if he blessed me and anointed my voice with this gift, I shall share this gift for the world to hear..”

Unsung Hero #35 – Andre Bridges, Lieutenant & Supervisor for the afternoon shift (University of Notre Dame)

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“..I had a student come to me once. She had lost her debit card and it was right at break so kids are getting put out of the dorms. And she didn’t have any money, she panicked, she came here and asked if anyone had found her debit card and I said ‘where’d you lose it?’ she said she thought she’d lost it on 23. I said it would have never made it back here. Now she’s upset, crying. So I said ‘call your parents. Let them know.’”
“So she did and I talked to her Dad…and I asked him ‘What does it cost for her to get home?’ And so I said ‘Well why don’t I give her 200 bucks and that’ll get her home, and you can just write me a check and just send it back to me.’ And he said ‘You’ll do that?’ ‘Pshh yea, consider it done.’ … I would want someone to do the same thing for my kid, treat her like part of the family.”
Follow Unsung Heroes of Notre Dame to learn more about the heroes who keep the Notre Dame campus community running behind-the-scenes!! Thank you, Lt. Bridges, for your dedication and service to the students!

Unsung Hero #34 – Shirley Laney, Cashier at Lenoir Dining Hall (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

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“..I like being on campus—meeting different people, different nationalities, talking to the students—you can learn, too. You can learn some things about their culture; each student has their own identity, they have their own personality, so it’s just nice. Some of them are real nice—they call me or I call them… [The students] start talking, and we’ll talk—I’ll tell them who I am, they’ll tell me who they are. I’ll ask them about their momma, and I ask about their father, and what they like. Some of them ask me about different churches in the area…some of them have come to my church, and when we had our family reunion I’ll invite some of them to the family reunion.”

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Unsung Hero #33 – Juan Noriega, Lead Gardener at Georgetown University

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“One night, my son went to a party with his friends just to have some fun. Everyone went in one car and they were all drinking – including the person that was driving. The driver crashed into another car and my son along with 2 others died on the spot… He was only 21 years old. He went to school for business at Montgomery College. He had a big future ahead of him. After he died, everything changed. I am working to support my 17-year-old daughter. She’s thinking about going to California for college. Honestly, I don’t want her to go away from home but I have no choice. She needs to study and get a good education. I’d like to have a better life for myself. ..I just want to see my daughter successful. Nothing would make me happier.”

Unsung Hero #32 – Eric Reed, Master Police Officer at Georgetown University Police Department

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“Georgetown is a relatively safe school. However, we are an open campus so things can definitely happen that we may not expect. Within the first 6 months of my time here, we had the armed robbery suspect that my team had to apprehend. One of the Georgetown students left the business school and was on his way to the Leavey center to get some coffee when he was approached by 2 individuals. The student was held at gunpoint and the individuals demanded credit cards, money, phone, everything… I was the initial officer that took the report. We sent out the Hoya alert email to all students. The next afternoon, I got a tip from a student that the suspect was right outside of the Credit Union wearing the same clothes. So we had officers wear plain clothes and approach him with caution.. Once we were able to get the innocent bystanders out of the way, the officers approached the subject and got him in custody at which point they recovered a loaded firearm.The most important thing is that no one gets hurt. This kind of situation is not very common but these things do happen every once in a while and we have to always be ready. That’s why I love this job. Yes we are in uniform, yes we have a badge on, and yes people think that we look grumpy sometimes. But deep down we really just want to keep the students safe.”

UNSUNG HERO UPDATE: Frankie Capers, Food & Service Worker at Georgetown University

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“I’m blessed to be celebrating my 57th birthday! I don’t have a real birthday this year because I was born on 29th of February which is on a leap year.

..If I had 1 wish, If I had a genie bottle, I would go on a trip to Florida and I would just relax. Maybe go on a vacation to Disney or something and just relax with my grandson. He’s 11 years old. That’s my dream, just to go sometime this summer and let him see something else other than DC.

I took care of my mom for 12 years when she had Alzheimer’s and I had to take care of my dad because he got sick as well. I was flying back from Washington DC to Memphis Tennessee to North Carolina to take care of them. When my mom passed away, I always said that after this is over – I just want to go on vacation for a few days. I just want to rest, eat, and sleep some more. I haven’t had a vacation in 12 to 13 years.”

Students will be surprising Ms. Frankie with a birthday cake and balloons at 4pm today in Einstein Bagels. Let’s also surprise her with this fundraiser and help make her vacation wish come true!

Unsung Hero #31 – Mary Thomas, Facilities Worker at Georgetown University

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“Do you want to know my age? I am 65 years old! I shock a lot of people when I say that. I have no high blood pressure, no diabetes – nothing! I try to be active and watch what I eat so I’ve had good health. Cancer took away 3 of my siblings and my mom also passed away but thank God I still have my dad. He is 92 years old! He is also very healthy and he still drives. I always go back home to North Carolina to see him because he’s been a good dad to me growing up. He raised me to be responsible and told me that I should always keep the Lord close to me. He’s been my best friend and I try to have the same kind of relationship with my kids.”

Unsung Hero #30 – Cheung Gunho (张官好), Food & Service Worker at Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall

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“I don’t have much of a big hope for myself. I only hope my daughter can find a good husband to marry, to have a happy family, and that they will treat their parents well. That will be enough for me.
Just like many new immigrants from China, we had a big dream that we could make a fortune when we came to America; the dream shattered after we arrived. The reality is that we have to work long hours day and night long, mostly in a restaurant. We work so hard, but only get by. So now I’ve adjusted my hopes to have a stable life. That’s good enough for me. I don’t have too many things to think about.”
也没有什么大希望吧,我就希望我的女儿找到一个好先生,有一个幸福的家庭,善待父母,这样就好了。像许多中国移民一样,梦想着来美国的时候要赚很多钱,来 到后才觉得不可能。移民来到这里从事的大多是餐馆行业,每天都要工作十几个小时,很辛苦。所以我现在对自己的工作现状很满意。过的好就可以了,只要每个月 收支平衡就足够了,我不会去奢望其他了。
For the full interview, visit https://www.facebook.com/exposureredefined

Unsung Hero #29 – Ellen Pittman, Food & Service Worker at Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall

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“Sometimes when I see the students sneezing and coughing, I go downstairs to make them some hot tea with honey and lemon packs..I tell them to get lots of rest and I pray that they get better the next day. I like seeing the kids happy. I give some of them birthday presents and Christmas presents and If I could afford it, I’d give a gift to every one of them. There used to be an employee appreciation board on the wall and the kids would always put my name on the board and write really nice things about me. Sometimes they text our managers and tell them that we make their day better. That’s the kind of thing that keeps me here. It always comes back to the students. I’ve been here for over 40 years already and I treat them like I would want someone to treat MY child if they go away to college. When they come to campus for the first time, they’re afraid because it’s a new environment. I always try to encourage them to never stop learning and growing..”