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Unsung Heroes™ is a nationally recognized non profit organization that promotes awareness & appreciation for the workers on college campuses who work hard and keep the university running behind-the-scenes but often go unrecognized.These unsung heroes include Janitors, Food & Service Workers, Construction Workers, Security Guards, among others. We have been interviewing these workers and sharing their stories on social media – in hopes of highlighting their portraits of humanity. We’ve also encourage the community to give back to the workers through acts of kindness and through crowdfunding to help them achieve their dreams.

Unsung Heroes™ has been featured on prominent news media including NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, CNN’s Headline News, FOX5, ABC7, BBC News, Front page of the Washington Post, Forbes, among many other outlets. Since our launch in April 2016, We’ve raised over $10,000 through crowdfunding to help workers achieve their dreams and have expanded to 10 universities nationwide with dozens more in the pipeline.

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