Oneil Batchelor, Facilities Management Worker at Georgetown University

Oneil Batchelor, Facilities Management Worker at Georgetown University

“When I first came to America in 1996, I came with a chip on my shoulder. I’m here for a reason – for a better opportunity and a better education. My hardship that I dealt with growing up in Jamaica has made all the more hungry to succeed here in America. Only God knows where I would’ve been - if I was back home. In my area, not a lot of people make it past a certain point.

I always used to help my mom with cooking… especially with the grill. [Cooking] Jerk Chicken just came natural to me. I’ve been trying to build my own business.. I went to vista print, got some cards, did some advertising… and from then on, I just fell in love with the grind. My dream is to have 3-4 restaurants in different locations or even a franchise one day.

What drives me is my mom, my daughter, and my wife. Couple of times, my mom couldn’t pay her bills and I saw [her] crying.. It hurts sometimes when a son sees his parent go through certain things – and can’t help her because he has his own responsibilities. But if my business comes up to that extent- she won’t have to work no more..

Sometimes I lack self-confidence.. I tend to listen to other peoples negativity. Some friends say … 'yeah [your food] taste good but I don’t see it as a business.' I need to learn to block all of that out and just have faith in God – and believe in my own dreams and potential.. My mom always told me that everybody has their time. If you're patient, your time will come.. I’ve been praying about it. I know my dream will come to pass..”

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