Unsung Heroes was inspired by the idea that everyone from gardeners and security guards to secretaries and office assistants plays an important role in creating a safe and healthy learning environment for students.

In February 2015, Febin Bellamy, a student at Georgetown University, struck up conversations with Oneil Batchelor, a custodian in the library. The two found themselves spending hours talking about sports, music, and food. This interaction inspired Febin and his classmates to interview dozens of campus workers and learn how each of them contributes to the student experience. In April 2016, Febin launched Unsung Heroes to spotlight the custodians, maintenance, security, and dining hall workers who often get overlooked, but contribute so much to the functioning and feel of the community. .

Unsung Heroes is a media company supported by a network of student-run chapters across colleges and universities nationwide. Each chapter highlights the stories of the custodians, cafeteria workers, security guards, and other support staff who keep the campus community running behind-the- scenes.

Our mission is to shine a light on the workers whose contributions to campus life too often go unnoticed and encourage students to look in unexpected places for people who can make a difference in their lives.


To date, our student members have raised over $30,000 through crowdfunding to help campus workers achieve their life long dreams. Students have helped a janitor launch his own catering business; a dining hall worker reunite with his family after years of separation and a bus driver share his singing talents with thousands of people at an NBA basketball game.



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