Alvaro Barberena, Bus Driver at Georgetown University

Alvaro Barberena, Bus Driver at Georgetown University

“Sometimes the students say, ‘I've always wanted to thank you because you always say hi to me every morning with a smile.’

"I tell them about my family and my 3 Pit Bulls – I have 2 male and 1 female that I adopted from the Humane Society in DC 7 years ago. Their names are Rumor, Chunky Monkey, and Remy Martin - like the drink! Rumor was found roaming the streets in DC. People thought she was pregnant but it turns out that she had a tumor in one of her kidneys. They couldn’t save her kidney.

"Chunky Monkey was abused by his previous owner and people found him on the street just like they found Remy Martin.. I had to work extra hard to get him to behave because he was afraid of almost everything. This is what happens when people abuse animals... Pit Bulls are misunderstood.

"My wife didn’t want me to get any of them because of the stereotypes – they fight and bite. But I don't blame the breed – the problem is the person behind the leash that trains them. I consider my dogs as part of my family and they wouldn't harm anyone.”

Georgetown University