Arthur Curtis and Joe Jones, Chefs, Washington University in St. Louis

Arthur Curtis and Joe Jones
Arthur Curtis and Joe Jones, Chefs, Washington University in St. Louis

This Unsung Hero post is a bit different than most. In this post, we will be following up with Arthur and Joe (Unsung Heroes 4 and 5) to see how they have been since their last post. Next time you see them, be sure to ask them about the posts and their follow up!

Joe: “The interaction that we have with you and the student body in general, it’s really the best thing about working here. It’s really awesome to see so many diverse cultures and human nature, coming together like it does, that really fuels me and gets me going. When you all come, it makes our day, it makes things happen. And like I said, the cultural differences all seem to just blend together, people having friends from different parts of the world, different parts of the country, that’s a good thing right now.”

Arthur: “A few people have come to me and said something about that post, they said they like it. It’s a good thing to get to know them better when they come up to me. There are few people I’m really close with...It's fun to be around [the students] and have a conversation.”

Joe: “If you see me, ask me anything, anything about this city, you can ask me. You know, it’s a good time here, but you gotta know where you’re at in the city. There’s a lot of history here too, people are like “wow” once they find out how much stuff is here. They say “I didn’t know this was here”, but you’ll see it… My favorite place is Forest Park, I grew up down the street from Forest Park. There were so many things going on in Forest Park, there was a concert there every weekend, there was the zoo, all free of charge. In some other cities, you have to pay astronomical fees to go to the zoo, but here we have had it free all of our lives, same with the art museum.”

Arthur: “I want to do something positive, help someone that needs help, just live, live life. It seems like things get so rough right now, just the way things are…Keep your head up, be positive, a lot of people are so negative. You never failed until you stopped trying.”

Thank you Joe and Arthur for all the hard work! Be sure to check out their old posts as well, and stop by Holmes to let them know that our community appreciates their work!!

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