After many weeks of planning Ms. Frankie Capers dream vacation with her grandson finally arrives!

Ms. Frankie Capers, Food & Service worker at Georgetown University and her grandson Rhondell have safely landed in Orlando, Florida for their week long vacation! They will staying at the Vacation Village at Parkway Resort – which is only a 10-15 minute ride away from Disney. They have a super exciting week ahead of them – with visits to Magic Kingdom, SeaWorld, Universal Orlando Resort, among other sites!!

Frankie Capers, Food & Service Worker at Georgetown University

“I’m blessed to be celebrating my 57th birthday! I don’t have a real birthday this year because I was born on 29th of February which is on a leap year…If I had one wish, If I had a genie bottle, I would go on a trip to Florida and I would just relax. Maybe go on a vacation to Disney or something and just relax with my grandson. He’s 11 years old. That’s my dream, just to go sometime this summer and let him see something else other than DC. I took care of my mom for 12 years when she had Alzheimer’s and I had to take care of my dad because he got sick as well. I was flying back from Washington DC to Memphis Tennessee to North Carolina to take care of them. When my mom passed away, I always said that after this is over – I just want to go on vacation for a few days. I just want to rest, eat, and sleep some more. I haven’t had a vacation in 12 to 13 years.”

Students will be surprising Ms. Frankie with a birthday cake and balloons at 4pm today in Einstein Bagels. Let’s also surprise her with this fundraiser and help make her vacation wish come true!

Cheung Gunho (张官好), Food & Service Worker at Georgetown University Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall

“I don’t have much of a big hope for myself. I only hope my daughter can find a good husband to marry, to have a happy family, and that they will treat their parents well. That will be enough for me. Just like many new immigrants from China, we had a big dream that we could make a fortune when we came to America; the dream shattered after we arrived. The reality is that we have to work long hours day and night long, mostly in a restaurant. We work so hard, but only get by. So now I’ve adjusted my hopes to have a stable life. That’s good enough for me. I don’t have too many things to think about.”

也没有什么大希望吧,我就希望我的女儿找到一个好先生,有一个幸福的家庭,善待父母,这样就好了。像许多中国移民一样,梦想着来美国的时候要赚很多钱,来 到后才觉得不可能。移民来到这里从事的大多是餐馆行业,每天都要工作十几个小时,很辛苦。所以我现在对自己的工作现状很满意。过的好就可以了,只要每个月 收支平衡就足够了,我不会去奢望其他了。
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Ellen Pittman, Food & Service Worker at Georgetown University Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall

“Sometimes when I see the students sneezing and coughing, I go downstairs to make them some hot tea with honey and lemon packs..I tell them to get lots of rest and I pray that they get better the next day. I like seeing the kids happy. I give some of them birthday presents and Christmas presents and If I could afford it, I’d give a gift to every one of them. There used to be an employee appreciation board on the wall and the kids would always put my name on the board and write really nice things about me. Sometimes they text our managers and tell them that we make their day better. That’s the kind of thing that keeps me here. It always comes back to the students. I’ve been here for over 40 years already and I treat them like I would want someone to treat MY child if they go away to college. When they come to campus for the first time, they’re afraid because it’s a new environment. I always try to encourage them to never stop learning and growing..”

Umberto “Suru” Ripai, Food & Service Worker at Georgetown University Leo O’Donovan Dining Hall

“I am grateful to the students for everything that they did for me [to raise the money] and making it possible to see my family. I’ve been thinking a lot and I don’t think that right now is the best time to travel back home to South Sudan. There is a lot of problems going on over there right now and I may be safer here in the United States this year. But when the time comes and I am ready to go, I will get in touch with my nephew down there and set everything up. I need to call him to help arrange the trip. New things are coming..I turned 64 years old recently and soon I will have to decide if I want to stay here or go back home to live after I retire. I don’t want to retire for a while so I still have some time to think about it..”

** With a goal of raising $2,000 for round trip tickets to reunite Suru with his family after 45 years, we raised $6,031 ($5,458 after Gofundme’s fees) – which will strictly be used to support Suru’s trip. The Unsung Heroes team will put his funds in a separate account and will work with him whenever he is ready to prepare for the trip. Stay tuned for our next #UnsungHero update with Oneil Batchelor!