Peter Tran


My nanny used to tell me stories about my parents and she promised that they would come back home. My father was in the Vietnam War and he never returned after he left. Because of the war, my parents got separated from each other when I was a young boy. ..I used to get so UPSET! Why aren't [my parents] looking for me? Because of the culture, they didn’t let women study and go to school. My nanny never learned how to read & write so when she went looking for my parents during the war, she could never find them. I used to get so mad at her back in the day and didn’t understand why... Later, I found out that [my father] was in America. I left that house at age 10 and a new family adopted me. They got me a green card and at age 23, I was able to come to the United States.I always tell the students to take advantages of the opportunities that they have here in America. I look at them like my kids...I tell them - there are problems in every country, but there are opportunities here that you can’t get anywhere else, especially back home.

Georgetown University