Dean Perticone, Utilities Plant Worker at Georgetown University

Dean Perticone, Utilities Plant Worker at Georgetown University

"When the snowstorm Jonas hit earlier this year, it was all hands on deck! Many of us stayed on campus to shovel.. I'm not going to lie, it was back breaking work. There was 3 to 4 feet of snow and we were working 12-hour shifts.. Many of us weren't able to return home to see our families for days. ..But what really made it all worth it was seeing the smiles on some of the students faces when they walked by us and the many thank yous that we got from them.. It feels good when people actually appreciate your work."

These workers are responsible for ensuring that every building on campus has air conditioning, heating and electricity. Students aren't typically allowed to visit the plant which leads to rare interactions between the students and these unsung heroes. However, during the snow storm, workers from all of the departments at Georgetown had to help clean the university -- which provided Dean & other new plant workers the opportunity to interact with the students for the first time.

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