Gina Walls, Food Service Manager at UNC Chapel Hill Genomic Cafe

Gina Walls, Food Service Manager at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Genomic Cafe

“Most of it is here at the store—seeing the students. There’s some I’ve seen for 4 years, from their first year coming in. All kinds of students here. You don’t know what anyone has been through, so--I have to come take care of y’all. See everyone—make sure everyone is okay. I just come here to work and help all of y’all. I just want to make sure everyone is okay.

"This little girl had surgery—had a brain tumor and they removed it. And it was just her and her mom. And we adopted her for Christmas over there, everybody donated, and we filled her whole Christmas wish list. I had Santa Claus come give her her presents when she came to her doctor’s appointment—that’s when we did it.

"I had people come and tell me, ‘my wife just had a baby last night’—I’ve watched her go through 9 months. And then you come over here [to campus], and it’s the whole next stage of life. So I’ve seen them from the beginning, or at their worst, now here—at your best."

Next time you're around the Genome Sciences Building, make sure to stop in at the Genomic Cafe, say hi to Ms. Gina, and thank her for everything that she does for students and for UNC at Chapel Hill!

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