Jason Resko, Power Plant Operator at University of Notre Dame

Jason Resko, Power Plant Operator at University of Notre Dame

“We run the boilers which make the steam that powers the generators and the air conditioning chillers… this is like a city. We make the heat, the air conditioning, we bring the water up out of the ground, and make the electricity that makes the campus run. The only thing Notre Dame uses the city of South Bend for is wastewater. Any water that runs down the drain is treated at the wastewater treatment plant. Other than that, everything is here.

"I did what I loved in the Coast Guard for 21 years and then I was able to score a job at Notre Dame... it’s nice being a part of something that’s bigger than you. That’s what being in the military is like. It’s like you’re just a small piece of something greater than one person, and I feel like this is just another example of that.

"My first memory of Notre Dame, actually being here, was March of 2006. We [his family] had plans to move out here when I retired from the Coast Guard in 2014, but this was our first visit to South Bend. I was at a school in Great Lakes, Michigan for 2 weeks, and the weekend in the middle she [his wife] flew out here. It was a beautiful spring day. We drove to campus, and that’s when we came upon Notre Dame for the first time. We spent the whole day walking around, going in and out of all the buildings, and taking pictures. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The weather was beautiful, so that made it even more special. Eight years later we moved here.”

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