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A bond between a student and a janitor has inspired a movement that is impacting colleges and universities nationwide.

Unsung Heroes is a social impact company that unifies communities by sharing stories of humanity in a positive and meaningful way.

Our goal is to celebrate the service workers who are often overlooked and create a culture of appreciation within the campus community.

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Students celebrate their campus employees in a very special way

Students give this food service worker the surprise of her life

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Matt Green

Student at University of Notre Dame

"I’ve had the privilege to interview some of the kindest people I’ve ever met, learning about their unique backgrounds, experiences, dreams, and aspirations. I feel enriched by this opportunity, as it has provided me with a deeper sense of appreciation for the whole campus community."

Jina Park

Student at University of Maryland, College Park

"I was able to present a speech about Unsung Heroes at a UMDxTED event. I really wanted to focus on the importance of campus workers, their humility and love for their campus and the high need for students and staff to create a more warmhearted community. The happiest part of the speech was seeing fellow students make a resolution to greet and thank a campus worker they see frequently."

Ben Goodfriend

Student at Washington University in St. Louis

"[Gil, a Food Service Supervisor] opened up to me about losing a home, becoming a father..Gil showed me his humanity, and taught me that a uniform or job title can never paint a complete portrait of someone. Without Unsung Heroes, my friendship with Gil may have never crossed that fine line separating superficiality from honest connection."

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