Marjorie Macklin, Cashier at Washington University in St. Louis the Village 

Marjorie Macklin, Cashier at Washington University in St. Louis the Village

“Me personally, I’m just an outdoorsy girl…I love to fish, I love fishing, Blue Gills and Crappies are my favorite. I love football. I love camping. But I still love to dress up and put on make-up and all the other little things like that. I’m a family person.

“Right now, I’m comfortable where I am at. I like communicating with people, and I like interacting with people. Like, food is the soul. It just makes people smile. I don’t care what kind of food it is, all the time the kids come in [the Village], its happiness with the food. I like that. It’s never a sad thing with food…I’ve tried sitting behind the desk, and I didn’t like it. It was too secluded, and kept me from interacting with people.

“It’s just me and my mom, my dad passed a few years ago, and I got my son, Demarcus, and my two grand-babies, and I call one of them ladybug. I've been married to my lovely husband Fredrick Macklin for 13 great years. I’m the only one that’s allowed to call her ladybug. Their names are Demyra* and Demarcus III.”

Our interview with Marjorie has been one of the best yet! She is so personable, and she is truly excited to talk about anything with students. Next time you see Marjorie in the Village be sure to say hi and chat about her interests or her family. Thank you Marjorie for being our Unsung Hero!

Photo by Lindsay Athena Photography

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