Nominate Unsung Heroes On Campus

Nominate An Unsung Hero!

Unsung Heroes is a social impact media company that unifies communities by sharing stories of humanity in a positive and meaningful way.


 On our site, we recognize service workers in hopes of bridging the divide between students and service workers. Our goal is to empower our generation to celebrate the service workers dreams, aspirations, and commitments to their communities. For many of us, this is the first time getting to know the service workers in our campus communities, and Unsung Heroes is here to celebrate these members in a positive and meaningful way.


 A school crosswalk guard who made it his life’s mission to protect students after his own father was killed by a speeding car while trying to cross the street. A dining hall cook who has been separated from his family for over 45 years. A school bus driver who’s passion for 50 years is singing in front of big crowds of people.


 Nominate the service workers you believe are extraordinary human beings on your campus community. Take a few minutes to share their story with us, and you can help make a difference in your community today.


Complete all the questions below for further consideration of your nominee.


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What makes your unsung hero unique?

How has their work impacted the lives of others?