Sherry Clark, Housekeeper at Harford Hall, UMD College Park South Hill Community

Sherry Clark, Housekeeper at Harford Hall, UMD College Park South Hill Community

“Seeing that I’ve been here for only three years, I don’t gather a lot of friends, but I have family, which is my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. In the summer, on weekends, if her church has bus rides or is going to New York to visit other family, I will go with them. But as far as partying, I haven’t gotten involved with that this year.

"At The Diner, it was very nice working there. When I’m preparing the food and see the students coming every day for the same pasta, I would feel happy. Also, when the semester finishes and students have to go to another building, I would miss them. I do [miss them]...Here I got familiar with the students and some of them will ask me where I’m from...but I don’t get into their personal business. Sometimes I will try to cheer them up by telling them 'Have a nice day?' or 'How was your day at school?' or 'How are things going at school?' and that makes me feel good...I asked a student in my building 'Oh, how are you today?' and she said 'Not so good.' She broke her laptop. I felt so sad and told her 'Don’t worry, just try and see if you can get another one,' but if I could be in the position to assist her with buying a laptop, I would have.”

We would like to thank our fourth Unsung Hero, Sherry Clark for sharing her passion and dedication to the University of Maryland, College Park community, especially for the students!The next time you see Resident Facility or Dining Service workers, we encourage you to express a word of thanks for their continuous service for us.

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