Shirley Laney, Lenoir Dining Hall Cashier

Shirley Laney, Lenoir Dining Hall Cashier

“I like being on campus—meeting different people, different nationalities, talking to the students—you can learn, too. You can learn some things about their culture; each student has their own identity, they have their own personality, so it’s just nice. Some of them are real nice—they call me or I call them… [The students] start talking, and we’ll talk—I’ll tell them who I am, they’ll tell me who they are. I’ll ask them about their momma, and I ask about their father, and what they like. Some of them ask me about different churches in the area…some of them have come to my church, and when we had our family reunion I’ll invite some of them to the family reunion.”

Thank you, Ms. Shirley, for your dedication and service to the students!

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill